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Anesthesia Malpractice

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Anesthesia sedates a patient in preparation for surgery. Usually, this process goes smoothly, but the errors that can arise from mishandling a patient's procedure can be deadly. Anything from dizziness and short-term memory loss to tissue necrosis can occur as a result of errors.

Focused on the field of medical malpractice, the Law Firm of Joseph F. Brown, MD, JD, PLLC - Physician and Attorney at Law is the law firm that you need on your side. Anesthesia errors can result in serious harm to a patient. The responsible parties need to be held accountable for their actions, and you need the right people to help. Contact us today.

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Patient Injury

Anesthesia is an extremely delicate procedure that must be handled with the utmost care. A patient being sedated requires skill, competence, and a technician that knows what is at risk. Patients can easily slip into a coma, overdose on anesthesia, or die. Possible complications include:

  • Strokes
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Brain injuries
  • Airway injuries
  • Infection, including sepsis
  • Exsanguination (blood loss)
  • Loss of feeling and nerve damage

Neurological injuries can occur when the brain is deprived of oxygen for too long, or if a patient suffers a stroke. A coma can also trigger the circumstances that contribute to brain injury, as when a patient overdoses on anesthesia and suffers tissue necrosis from oxygen deprivation. These injuries can contribute to loss of mobility, quality of life, and earning power, all of which could have been avoided had the procedure been performed by a more competent provider.

Wrongful Death

An error in handling anesthesia during a surgical procedure can easily become fatal, either from the anesthesia itself or the many complications that can arise during or after a procedure. Death by surgical error is not at all uncommon in the United State, and anesthesiologists are not doing enough to prevent patient harm and error.

If an anesthesia error results in a fatality, it could give rise to a legitimate wrongful death claim. Compensation for this type of loss includes loss of companionship, income, and emotional distress. No one should have to suffer the tragedy of losing someone to what should have been a procedure executed by competent professionals. Our firm can help your family pursue justice.

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If you or a loved one suspect harm has arisen from an anesthesia error, you deserve and need legal representation. We can evaluate your case for free to see what legal action can be taken to obtain justice. Surgery involves plenty of trust put into a medical provider, and when that trust is violated, a patient can experience physical or emotional trauma. For that, they deserve justice and compensation for the time taken away from work, loved ones and life.

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