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Medical Malpractice Attorney Holding Doctors Accountable

When we visit a hospital or private practice, we expect a certain standard of care to be upheld. Unfortunately, that expectation isn't always met. Medical errors committed by physicians are a leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for hundreds of thousands per year. These "preventable adverse events" or "never events" are deaths and injuries that could have been avoided with proper training, attention and care. When the healthcare system neglects to monitor and hold its own responsible, patients are hurt. At the Law Firm of Joseph F. Brown, MD, JD, PLLC - Physician and Attorney at Law, we help patients hold those negligent doctors accountable.

How often do medical errors happen?

Hundreds of thousands of medical errors happen on a daily basis. These most often occur in emergency rooms where acute care is sought quickly and providers are rushed to see as many patients as possible in a short amount of time. Older patients, and those with more complex or chronic medical conditions, are often at the highest risk.

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Surgical errors are particularly dangerous. Some of the most common are quite severe and include:

  • Anesthesia errors, which can lead to death easily
  • Operating on the wrong site
  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Leaving objects in the patient's body, making them susceptible to infection and internal damage

These "never events" are named such because they are deemed preventable, and should have never happened. Sadly, malpractice is still prevalent in the medical community.

What are the contributors?

Doctors undergo extensive training and schooling in order to avoid making errors, especially ones that could harm their patients. However, sometimes this standard of care is not upheld. Many factors contribute to negligence and medical malpractice, including the following:

  • Long work hours
  • Short patient visit times, most are set to 15 minutes. This does not give the provider enough time with their patient and can lead to error
  • Stress and an overworked medical team
  • Substance use, including caffeine to stay awake during shifts

The healthcare system can fail its own, sadly. Many doctors are overworked, and their facilities are understaffed. There is an increasing demand for accessible healthcare, and doctors are scrambling to fill patient slots in order to keep up profits. But patients are not dollar signs, and they deserve to be seen and treated properly. A slipup from a stressed doctor, or one reliant on artificial energy to make it through their day, can be incredibly costly to both parties. If you've been injured in a malpractice incident, you need legal representation, now.

How are doctors held accountable?

A competent malpractice lawyer can help you get the compensation for your suffering that you've wrongfully endured. Doctors are most often held accountable by legal counsel, and settlements can help patients and their families financially and emotionally recover from the dastardly effects of malpractice. These can include permanent disability, injury or impairment, and some may even have a case for wrongful death. A lawyer will have to prove certain conditions are met:

  • A doctor-patient relationship must have existed
  • The claim must be filed within the two-year statute of limitations that exists in Idaho
  • The doctor must have violated the standard of care set by their community
  • It must be proven that if the error hadn't occurred, the patient's health would not have been adversely affected

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This is why it is important to keep records of your visits and medications, and to have a trusted malpractice attorney on your side. You need compassion and justice. Contact attorney Joseph F. Brown today to set up a free consultation about your case, at no risk to you. You've been through enough, and you've had enough.

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