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Discharge Injuries

Malpractice upon and after leaving the hospital

In principle, patients leaving the hospital should be healthy. But in practice, if medical providers fail to follow standards of care during the discharge process, patients can be seriously injured - and those providers need to be held accountable.

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What is a discharge injury?

Discharge injuries are categorized as preventable adverse events, meaning that they occurred because of an error, and could have been prevented. The elderly, frail, and young are particularly susceptible to these injuries, as are women who have recently given birth due to the complications that can follow up to 72 hours later. Some common types of discharge incidents include:

  • Premature discharge - sometimes, patients are discharged from the hospital purely for financial or insurance reasons, not because their treatment is actually finished.
  • Misdiagnosis - if the patient has been misdiagnosed or has failed to be diagnosed with a condition, he or she may be discharged while still ill.
  • Development of infections - several types of infections, including the deadly bloodborne sepsis can develop after discharge and lead to permanent organ and bodily damage or potential fatalities.
  • Slip and fall accidents - patients can be dropped or mishandled upon discharge by hospital staff.
  • Internal bleeding - common after surgical errors and post-natal events, internal bleeding can appear as an irritating abdominal pain, or throbbing sensation that is actually indicative of a deadly problem. This can result from incorrectly installed or removed stitches, surgical instruments left inside the patient and undiagnosed maladies among a host of other causes.
  • Miscommunication - information on follow-up care may not be properly passed along to the patient or the patient's primary care doctor.

We know Idaho's laws

Just because Idaho's "locality rule" doesn't hold hospitals to a national standard of care doesn't mean that they cannot be held accountable for malpractice. We know Idaho, and we know that its citizens deserve and demand proper medical care that does not result in an adverse event, disability, or fatality. With our unique legal and medical approach to malpractice cases, we can evaluate your case from a different perspective. Contact us for a free case evaluation today.

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