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Cancer Misdiagnosis

Negligence, error, and their consequences

Misdiagnosis errors happen more often than we would like to admit in the United States, making up a decent portion of the hundreds of thousands of medical malpractice cases that occur, injure and even kill. One of the larger numbers of incidents in the misdiagnosis category belongs to cancer.

This can be a deadly mistake. Many cancers are found when they are in the later stages of metastatic cancer (where the cancer has traveled) and malignant. That's why nothing should be ignored; small lumps on lymph nodes, a skin discoloration should always be brought to a doctor's attention at a routine visit, and a patient's rights should always be protected. At the Law Firm of Joseph F. Brown, MD, JD, PLLC - Physician and Attorney at Law, we know the ins and outs of medical malpractice. Contact us for a free case evaluation today. Your well-being, and your rights, are our business.

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What are the most misdiagnosed forms of cancer?

One of the most common forms of cancer, breast cancer, is misdiagnosed tens of thousands of times per year. Colorectal and lung cancer are also very frequently misdiagnosed. These are all cancers with incredibly high mortality rates, which means a misdiagnosis in the form of an incorrectly read lab report, misadministration of mammogram, or failure to keep up on routine tests could mean a grave prognosis for a patient. In addition, treatments for cancer are incredibly aggressive, so treating the correct type is integral to tending to a patient's health.

What are the risks of a misdiagnosis?

Delaying the treatment of cancer inherently puts a person's life at severe risk. It also means that a patient's medical bills will be much higher than they would have been, had the disease been treated and diagnosed sooner. In addition, treatments like chemotherapy are destructive to the immune system, which leaves already sick patients vulnerable to more suffering that could have been avoided with proper practice.

Misdiagnosing cancer can kill a patient. This level of medical malpractice delays the treatment someone desperately needs. Or if someone is misdiagnosed with cancer and does not have it, the harsh drugs and costly treatments can create health problems where there previously were not.

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Cancer is a deadly disease. If your medical care was delayed or mishandled in terms of treatment or diagnosis, contact us. We will dedicate ourselves to finding you justice and compensation for the negligence that you've endured.

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