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Delayed C-Section

Our Law Firm Explains The Hazards

Cesarean sections (or "C-Sections" as commonly known) are a surgical means utilized to deliver an infant. They are often ordered in emergencies where the mother or infant has gone into distress, or it is determined that a natural birth is not possible. Due to the delicate nature of these procedures, they should not be delayed, as doing so could result in serious injury for the mother or child.

The Law Firm of Joseph F. Brown, MD, JD, PLLC - Physician and Attorney at Law has the experience, expertise and ability to take a case from evaluation to trial, and not stop until results are in sight. Don't hesitate. If you or someone in your family has had a complication from a delayed C-section, you need action and justice and you deserve it now.

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Consequences of a delayed C-Section

A surgical procedure should never be delayed. This surgical error can be fatal, given how many complications can arise during labor and delivery, and failure to recognize or treat a problem that would normally call for a C-section is negligent behavior. In the most severe of cases, death may occur. Birth defects from a lack of oxygen to the brain, infection, or distress can occur, as well as severe effects on the mother and her quality of life. Consequences can include:

  • Infant brain damage from lack of oxygen, which can lead to cerebral palsy
  • Physical injuries
  • Infection

Certain circumstances call for C-sections, and their symptoms should not be ignored or delayed:

  • Multiple viable infants
  • Large fetuses, especially when combined with small maternal size
  • A breech birth (when a baby is positioned feet first)
  • Fetal distress, or maternal distress
  • Maternal infections, such as HIV, that can be transmitted through a vaginal delivery
  • Placenta Previa-a blockage of the cervix by the placenta
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • A blockage of blood supply for the infant
  • Cord wrapped around the infant's neck

When any of these are put off, serious health complications may occur. Blood infections such as sepsis, infant oxygen deprivation, and even death may be a consequence.

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You deserve compensation if you have been the victim of a delayed C-section. Contact a lawyer who knows how the medical and legal system work. Attorney Joseph F. Brown offers a unique approach combining both legal and medical experience to make the best case for you, and the best outcome and compensation for your suffering.

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