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Cerebral Palsy

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Brain development is an incredibly delicate and detailed process. For a fetus in utero, every moment and action is a deliberate one while the body forms. However, a complete and undamaged result is not always one that follows a successful delivery. Birth injuries are very real risks, as are the failures to diagnose or spot the risks for things such as genetic defects or abnormal development.

One of the most serious types of birth injury is cerebral palsy. A devastating nerve condition that stems from brain damage or lack of development, cerebral palsy significantly affects the life of a child and his or her family. Fine motor skills, speech, muscle control, tone, and posture can be affected. A child may be wheelchair-bound and dependent on outside care for the remainder of their lives. This condition cannot be cured, but certain contributing factors can be prevented.

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The Law Firm of Joseph F. Brown, MD, JD, PLLC - Physician and Attorney at Law takes a unique approach to these complex cases. Combining medical and legal experience, we are ready to tackle birth injury cases and hold providers and facilities responsible for any proven negligence. Families are entitled to a healthy start, not one that begins with a debilitating diagnosis. Our firm knows what tricks defendants will use to try and get out of taking responsibility for their actions. And we don't settle for their excuses. Contact us today.

What causes cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy affects the brain and nerves. It affects the child's ability to move, speak, and perform basic tasks that involve motor skills. A child may be wheelchair-bound, depending on the severity and progression of the diagnosis.

Injury to the mother or child may be a factor in the development of infant cerebral palsy, along with the following:

  • Cerebral Dysgenesis - Anything that could factor into impairment of healthy brain development, including a lack of oxygen to the fetus, or head trauma during or after a birth.
  • Periventricular Leukomalacia - Death of brain tissue, cells and "white matter" that is a vital component to the brain's ability to take in and process information die off. This is usually caused by a lack of blood flow to the brain. The mother's blood pressure should be monitored, as well as her oxygen levels.
  • Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy - Damage via lack of proper blood or oxygen flow to the brain close to birth. Once again, proper monitoring of the mother and fetus' oxygen levels, blood pressure and heart rates is crucial.
  • Genetic Factors - Doctors who suspect that risk factors for cerebral palsy may be genetic should order testing. Early detection is incredibly important.
  • Infections, especially those that the mother is carrying.
  • Head injuries during or after delivery

Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive disorder, which means it does not get worse over time. There are four types: Spastic, Athetoid, Ataxic and Mixed, with 70% of cases falling into the "spastic" category. These children are capable of leading rewarding lives, but proper measures should be taken in order to ensure that the risk of CP via a birth injury is close to none. Unfortunately, some obstetricians and other medical providers do not take those measures.

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